Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

25 March 1965, USA

"I don't judge others. I say if you feel good with what you're doing, let your freak flag fly."
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Village Idiot for 6 Apr 2013, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica has a Bone to Pick, an extra one

After years of wearing high heel's it seems Miss Parker has done serious damage to her feet. After twisting her ankle while wearing heels on the set of "I Don't Know How She Does It" she visited a foot doctor who told her "Your foot does things it shouldn't be able to do. That bone there... You've created that bone. It doesn't belong there." Sarah blames "cheap" shoes with "plastic bottoms" saying "It's sad, because my feet took me all over the world, but eventually they were like, 'You know what, we are really tired, can you just stop and don't put cheap shoes on us?'" I didn't know they made shoes with plastic bottom's for adults. No need for the long face, I'm sure your hooves will be alright for the next derby.
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Village Idiot for 2 May 2009, Sarah Jessica Parker

Who Needs Sex

Miss Parker has decided to fight rumour's of her impending divorce to actor Matthew Broderick by having a baby with another women. The couple has fought back with their publicists announcing "[They] are happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate." Matthew was ecstatic until he heard his only involvement was with a cup, kind of like the rest of their marriage. I guess Sarah Jessica's keeping her lips sealed about the whole divorce thing.
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Village Idiot for 17 Jan 2009, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City just got even Worse

With a new 'Sex and the City' movie in the making, I bet you can't wait either, Sarah Jessica Parker has hinted at casting Britney Spears. Sarah Jessica told friends: "My idea is to have someone like Britney Spears move to New York as my cousin or niece and Carrie would show her the ropes." If Miss Parker had bothered to negotiate a better syndication deal we wouldn't be in this mess. What is she thinking, has she not seen "Crossroads", "Chaotic", "The MTV VMA's"?
Village Idiot for 17 Dec 2005, Sarah Jessica Parker

Saggy in the City

Revealing just a tad too much, Sarah told reporters that turning forty wasn't all it was made out to be. Sarah said "You hear that life begins at 40, but I've noticed that it's only people over 40 who actually say that. One of things I've noticed as I've got older is that my neck has started to hurt more. I also tore my tendons when I was running because they are old and brittle." Good luck with the 'Sex and the City' movie, you might have to get a stunt double to do all those tedious walking through a shop scenes.
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Village Idiot for 6 Nov 2004, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah's Caffeine Addiction

Sarah can't stop thinking about coffee. Sarah admitted "[my husband] and I think about coffee when we're lying in bed. The night before, we're like, 'When we wake up we're going to have coffee, it's going to be great. I'm going to use the yellow cup.'" From "Sex and the City" to "It's Pity there's no Sex". I wonder what they'll be talking about in bed when they're in there 80's.
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Village Idiot for 24 Jan 2004, Sarah Jessica Parker

Hair Today

You would think famous Blondes would look after their hair with expensive shampoos and conditioners, not true. Sarah likes to keep her hair healthy by washing it with horse shampoo. Apparently Sarah swears by "Mane 'n' Tale" as being the best shampoo around. I know the women from 'Sex and the City' like their men to be hung like horses but horse shampoo? I wonder what other animal products she uses, maybe "Bark 'n' Bite - Healthier teeth for gnawing a bone."
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Village Idiot for 12 Jan 2002, Sarah Jessica Parker

Movie Make Out

Apparently while Sarah and her husband were at the movies together they made such a noise that other movie goers started to complain. However, Snobbish Sarah just stood up and told everyone that if they didn't like it they should leave. Well excuse me, just cause people ignore her movies doesn't mean she has to be so rude.
Village Idiot for 30 Jun 2001, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah's Conception Conundrum

According to reports 'Sex and the city' star Sarah Jessica Parker is trying to decide if she should have a baby or not. It seems she can't decide on a baby or a career. First off your a Blonde so having you contribute to the gene pool isn't such a good idea. Anyway, at least as a star on a show about sex everyone gets to see you doing the wild thing instead of just one guy.