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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

7 August 1975, South Africa

"He was telling me he doesn't think he'll get into heaven... I'm thinking, 'If you're not going to heaven, then I am screwed.'" (after talking to Nelson Mandela)
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Village Idiot for 16 Apr 2016, Charlize Theron

Charlize Thinks Life's Not Fair

Charlize recently complained about how hard it was making it in the film industry because pretty people have it hard. Charlize told US Weekly "How many roles are out there for the gorgeous, f-king, gown-wearing eight-foot model? When meaty roles come through, I've been in the room and pretty people get turned away first." Damn you cruel world! All the beautiful people want is a chance, just one chance.
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Village Idiot for 17 Mar 2012, Charlize Theron

Monster Mum on New Adoption

Little is known but sources say Oscar winner Charlize is a new mother having adopted a "healthy baby boy" named Jackson. Charlize will be raising Jackson as a single mother after divorcing hubby Stuart Townsend in 2010. Jackson? Not really the caliber of celebrity baby name we are used to is it? She's from South Africa, if there's anything we know it's ill fitting names. She could have gone with any one of a myriad of off the cuff names like Precious, Beauty or Julius - scratch that, the last one would end up a bastard baby.
Village Idiot for 17 Feb 2007, Charlize Theron

Monster Back in Court

Miss Theron will be heading off to court for "breach of contract" after she was seen wearing a non 'Raymond Weil' watch in public. Charlize signed up to endorse the Swiss watchmaker in 2005 which required her to only wear 'Weil' watches in public. Wow, those Swiss guys are a fickle bunch. I guess now we'll she the true extent of her acting talent, can she act dumb?
Village Idiot for 18 Feb 2006, Charlize Theron

Cleavage Catastrophe

It seems that even Oscar winner Charlize has trouble finding work. Apparently Charlize revealed that she was often turned down for action roles because of her lackluster love bags. However, after staring in new action flick, Aeon Flux, Charlize said "I knew it wouldn't just be running around with big tits and kicking things. I'm not good at that. I haven't got any tits." Maybe she should talk to Jessica Simpson about cleavage control. Anyway, what good would a B grade action movie be without babes with bouncing boobs?
Village Idiot for 10 Dec 2005, Charlize Theron

Gay Day

Charlize only plans on marrying current boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, when gay marriages are legalized in the USA. Charlize told Extra "We came up with a new idea that we said that we would get married the day that gays and lesbians can get married, when that right is given to them. We've decided that we're gonna use that in a positive way, so the day that law gets passed then we'll get married." It might take a while for the Southern states to give the go ahead on that one, long enough for her to reach the monster look, without the need for makeup. Is there something she's not telling us, maybe Stuart really is Stephanie.
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Village Idiot for 6 Mar 2004, Charlize Theron

The Pizza Analogy

Charlize left people wondering what she meant when she compared Renee Zellweger to pizza at the Oscars. Charlize compared Renee to pizza saying "She's just that good, Zellweger is like pizza in only the best sense." Sounds like Charlize decided to start celebrating a little early. I think we can attribute that comparison to a combination of Alcohol, Blondeness and being born in Benoni, South Africa. They don't grow them very bright in Benoni, being Blonde doesn't help much either.
Village Idiot for 4 Oct 2003, Charlize Theron

Behind the Wheel

Charlize is "... a better driver than any of the boys.", well that's what she told reporters at the British premiere of The Italian Job. Apparently Charlize enjoyed riding around in the mini's so much that she even picked up a couple of speeding tickets after filming. I want to know who let her sit up front, everyone knows that Blondes are supposed to always be on the back seat.
Village Idiot for 27 Oct 2001, Charlize Theron

DJ Request Gone Awry

Throwing your star power weight around doesn't always work, especially not for Charlize. Apparently Charlize threatened to have a DJ fired if he didn't play a Reggae song she requested. He didn't play it and he still has his job. As a South African myself, I would just like to apologize and I promise I will never make anyone listen to Reggae music. As for Charlize, Why not light up a splif and just enjoy yourself?