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Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

3 April 1986, USA

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Village Idiot for 8 Nov 2014, Amanda Bynes

She's on the loose again!

Amanda Bynes has defied logic by being released after appearing before a hearing officer at the psychiatric facility. Amanda has been taking her meds and sounds lucid and was released even though doctors say she is seriously mentally ill. Since then Amanda has been living off $50 & $100 AmEx gift cards given to her by her parents who regained financial conservatorship leading Amanda to take to Twitter again claiming her father is a sexual predator. This is going to be a fun holiday season.
Really Stupid
Village Idiot for 18 Oct 2014, Amanda Bynes

Bynes goes Bye Bye

With her mental faculties fleeting her doctors are seeking a LPS Hold instead of returning conservatorship to her parents. The LPS Hold could be granted by a judge and result in Amanda being locked up for up to a year and forcefully given drugs at a hospital or secure facility. An entire year without Amanda Bynes wondering the streets setting peoples driveways on fire while holding her gasoline drenched dog? All that power and we still have an Ebola outbreak?
Village Idiot for 4 Oct 2014, Amanda Bynes

Bynes Beyond Baked

Amanda Bynes is back to her old ways being pulled over by cops while driving a Mercedes in the San Fernando Valley after cops determined she was driving under the influence. Amanda's conservatorship ended earlier in the month and she has since been living in an apartment in Orange County getting high on weed on a daily basis. You can take the weed from the addict but you can't take the Doritos Cool Ranch, maybe some pizza and... is that squirrel looking at me? Just act cool, man.
Really Stupid
Village Idiot for 1 Mar 2014, Amanda Bynes

How do you Plead? Guilty Your Honor

Amanda Bynes has pleaded guilty to the charge of "wet reckless" which is the lowest charge possible in a DUI case. Amanda will face 3 years probation and attend three months of alcohol education classes after hitting a police car back in 2012. Well that seems fair, 2 years turn around and no jail time, it's the celebrity way. You know that whole wheel's of justice turn slowly thing? Must be the police car she hit.
Village Idiot for 7 Dec 2013, Amanda Bynes

Take Cover!

Loco Bynes is on the loose after being released this week from a rehab facility to recover at her parents home in Los Angeles. However, since leaving Amanda is already in trouble as she missed a court hearing in New York over her "bong throwing" incident. This not a drill people, you need to barricade yourself, your driveway, your dog, your bong etc. indoors or risk having them pounced on by the Bynes. Legend says she can smell bong water over a mile away and will set fire to any driveway standing in her way. It's a crappy legend as far as legends go.
Really Stupid
Village Idiot for 17 Aug 2013, Amanda Bynes

Sit, Stay... get her off, get her off me...

Miss Bynes had her request to leave the California psychiatric hospital denied after setting fire to an old ladies driveway and nearly her dog. Doctors said she was showing signs of schizophrenia and asked the judge to upgrade her stay from the mandatory 72 hours to a 5150 hold. Looks like Bynes is completely banana's, I'm pretty sure Batman villains get less time in Arkham Asylum. I smell a career opportunity - Batman vs The Reefer.
Village Idiot for 27 Jul 2013, Amanda Bynes

Officially Crazy

Amanda Bynes parents are seeking temporary conservatorship over Amanda's assets after Amanda was forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation at a California hospital following an incident where she set fire to an old ladies driveway. Amanda was placed under a 72 hour psychiatric hold after the incident where she also managed to douse her dog in gasoline and was seen racing to a liquor store to help wash it off. So all it took to have her locked up was nearly burning down an old ladies house and her own dog. I wonder what she'll use as an excuse this time? Probably the old "Stand-your-ground" unless your dogs on fire, in which case run to a liquor store law.
Village Idiot for 1 Jun 2013, Amanda Bynes

Train Wreck Inc.

Following in the footsteps of other notable child actor has-beens, Amanda Bynes has joined her brethren gaining the official title of Village Idiot. Amanda was recently arrested for throwing a bong, which she later claimed was just a vase, out of a window after police visited her apartment regarding a noise complaint. It didn't stop there, Amanda has since accused the arresting officer of "slapped her vagina". This train wreck has been a long time coming. What do they feed these child stars? And why are they washing it down with bong water?