Dumb Blonde Jokes, Loyal Learners - Page 2

Q: Did you hear about the sophisticated Blonde?
A: She thought her period was French Provincial.
Q: What is the definition of gross ignorance?
A: 144 Blondes.
Q: What are the six worst year's in a Blondes life?
A: Third Grade.
Q: How does a horny guy spell relief?
A: B-L-O-N-D-E.
Q: Why are Blondes hurt by other people's word's?
A: Because people keep hitting them with dictionary's.
Q: What did the Blonde do when she noticed that someone had already written on the overhead transparency?
A: She turned it over and used the other side.
( Submitted by 'Jessica' )
Q: What does a Blonde say after two more years of college?
A: Would you like fries with that?
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What did Rebel Wilson do to become this weeks celebrity dumb blonde?

I Bet I Know

Q: What do you call a Blonde in an institute for higher learning?
A: A visitor.
Q: How do you amuse a Blonde for hours?
A: Type "please turn over" on both sides of a piece of paper.
Q: Why was the Blonde disappointed with her trip to England?
A: She found out Big Ben is only a clock.
Q: What was the last thing a Blonde heard before dying of old age?
A: "Today children, we will learn our ABC's ..."
One day the Social Studies teacher asked a Blonde to name all the capitals in the United States Of America. The Blonde said easy U.S.A.
Q: Why will a Blonde laugh at a joke three times?
A: Once when you tell it, one when you tell her the punchline, and once when she gets it.
Q: Why did the Blonde get so excited after finishing the jigsaw puzzle in only 6 months?
A: Because the box said from 2-4 years.
Q: What do a Blonde reading a book and people in a silent movie have in common?
A: Their lips are moving but no sound is coming out.