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True Blonde Story by Ben

Working in a restaurant for a number of years, I've come across some pretty interesting characters. Nothing however could prepare me for the blondest waiter I've ever met. He arrived late for his job interview and had a pretty vacant look in his eyes. I decided to make a $5 bet with one of my colleagues that blonde guys can also be dumb blondes. My colleague believed the term only applied to women. Initially, he didn't seem like too much of a dumb blonde. Granted, he had long golden locks and didn't seem too bright, but he didn't seem any dumber than most blondes I've met. However, on his first night on the job he somehow managed to spill four drinks and got a variety of orders wrong, proving once and for all that blonde guys are dumb too. Needless to say I won the $5 bet. Later, our dumb blonde waiter asked if his cousin could find work with us. Our manager asked, "Is your cousin also a blonde?' To which our waiter responded, "Yes, haha but he's smart like me." We soon fired this genius of a waiter and, thankfully, never hired his blonde cousin.
( Submitted by 'Ben' )