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Village Idiot for 28 Apr 2001, Eminem

Eminem Reveals All

It seems the Brits will be having another D-Day, this time in the form of Eminem appearing naked in the British edition of Cosmo. Yes, Disgusting Day will be May 17 when Cosmo releases its sealed Special Edition of Bad Boy Eminem naked. England's not known for its summers but I've got a feeling that there's going to be a lot of Brits wearing sun-glasses to protect their Eyesight from that Eyesore. The only question is, Will the ladies of Britain be able to restrain themselves ? In the mean time "... will the Real Slim Shady Please keep your clothes on ..."
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Village Idiot for 17 Feb 2001, Eminem

Pistol Whipping Time

It seems that the Bad Boy rapper is a bit more than just talk. According to reports Eminem hit a guy over the head with a gun he was carrying after he saw the guy kissing his wife. The guy who was pistol-whipped, is trying to sue Eminem. Eminem was also taken to court for having a concealed weapon without a permit. Lack of experience. Eminem should spend some more time with his rapping Homme's like Puff Daddy for instance. Maybe then he'll be able to deny the whole gun thing. Until then, "Will the Real Slim Shady Plead for forgiveness..."
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