Village Idiot for 16 Feb 2008, Kirsten Dunst
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Kirsten Dunst as the Village Idiot

In Rehab

Spiderman's love interest, Kirsten Dunst, has checked herself into the Cirque Lodge rehabilitation facility in Utah, the same place Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendes and Mary-Kare Olsen were in. A source says "She desperately needed help, She seemed to be intoxicated when she checked in because she was acting really erratic. She was extremely emotional, constantly breaking down in tears." At least she didn't go to Britney's place, we all know how well that turned out.


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Village Idiot for 8 Apr 2017, Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten is an Animal in Bed

Kirsten Dunst is an animal in bed, if you think of her as an animal in a trap desperate enough to gnaw off her own foot to get away. In a recent interview with E! News Kirsten was asked about sex scenes and replied "To be honest, I'm like, 'Let's get this over with as fast as possible.'". Such a romantic. I wonder if she's a method actor and this is what she's like in real life?
Village Idiot for 21 Apr 2007, Kirsten Dunst

Mary Jane

In an interview Kirsten Dunst revealed that she has experimented with drugs saying "I drink moderately, I've tried drugs. I do like weed." Dunst the druggy went on to say "If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place." A Hollywood actress on drugs? I don't believe it. It would explain Spiderman's tingling spidey senses when he's around Mary Jane.
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