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Britney Spears

Britney Spears

2 December 1981, USA

"I trip and I burp and I fart, like everybody else."
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Britney Spears Gossip and News - Page 5

12 Jan 2013

Britney X'd herself from the X-Factor

Knowing show creator Simon Cowell keen to fire Brit Twit, the dim wit beat him... (read more of this Stupid story)

22 Dec 2012

Britney's been bad for Christmas

Rumour has it Jason Trawick is planning on breaking up with Brit twit, but only... (read more of this Really Stupid story)

10 Nov 2012

Justice Needs Glasses

The never ending saga between Britney and her ex-manager, Sam Lufti, is, well,... (read more of this Really Dumb story)

27 Oct 2012

Chrome Dome Protection

In the never ending lawsuit between Britney and her former manager, Sam Lutfi,... (read more of this Stupid story)

26 May 2012

I laugh at your $15 million and demand Potato Salad!

Along with a ridiculous pay check Brit Twit also has a list of demands from "six... (read more of this Stupid story)

12 May 2012

Britney the Oxymoron, now with Oxy

Brit twit has officially signed up to be a judge on the X-Factor earning $15-16... (read more of this Really Dumb story)

14 Apr 2012

The Gift that keeps on Giving

Britney's dad supposedly asked a court back in January to make her future... (read more of this Stupid story)

28 Jan 2012

Early Wedding Gift

You're free!... (read more of this Dumb story)

21 Jan 2012

Spank me Baby one more Time

Ex-babysitter, Fernando Flores, claims to have a million dollar book deal which... (read more of this Really Dumb story)

10 Dec 2011

You're, nom, nom, nom, Fired!

Brit Twit has fired her trainer, Derek DeGrazio, after he made her eat... (read more of this Idiotic story)