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Tara Reid

Tara Reid

8 November 1975, USA

"I like when a guy makes me feel like a woman and a little girl at the same time."
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Village Idiot for 31 Mar 2007, Tara Reid

Fast & Curious

Learning from her previous business ventures of investing in Bella, Geisha House and The Shore, Tara has decided to open a fast-food place in Los Angeles on March 31 called "Ketchup". Tara said "You probably won't see me behind the cash register, but I'll definitely be in the kitchen making sure everything is done right." The only thing fast about that place will be the path the food takes through your digestive track. Anyway, from what I've seen of her buns she'll be out of business in a week.
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Village Idiot for 7 Oct 2006, Tara Reid

Bye, Bye Boobies

After exposing her bosom to the world at Sean 'Diddy' Combs' 35th birthday party and denying any surgical "enhancement", Miss Reid has finally admitted to breast enlargement, only days before having them "replaced" with a smaller pair. Tara said "Everyone does it. Why do I get so much attention?" If she had kept them under wraps she wouldn't have had so much attention, then again she would never had got the part either.
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Village Idiot for 8 Oct 2005, Tara Reid

Tara Tackles Tit's

Tara has her breasts under control after falling out of her dress at an event earlier this year. Apparently she has now resorted to taping her breasts in place. Tara said "My hooters are under control! I'm taped up now, totally. My boobs are going nowhere ever again." I doubt it will be long before we see them again, with her acting talents she'll end up in Playboy sooner or later.