Village Idiot for 29 Dec 2012, Courtney Love

Courtney Averts End of the World

After 3 years it looks like Courtney and her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, have managed to reconcile over Christmas with a few tweets to each other. Courtney tweeted "Merry Christmas Bean!! Love you more than you could ever know. Xmamma" to which Frances replied "@Courtney merry Christmas kooksmcgee" Courtney went on to tweet "That tweet was the best gift ever, its all I need even if it's a dammed social network J miss that little head of yours" followed by "That beautiful little head, and those long legs. Oh and by the way, sorry about the second hand smoke thing re: baby pic" Less is more, and you can't get much less than Twitter. Maybe hold back on parenting mishaps till later, leave that for Facebook.