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Dumb Blonde Joke No.181

There where these 3 Blonde women that wanted to be policemen. So the Blondes go into the police station for the job but first they have to pass a test. The first Blonde goes in and the man asks her what she can tell about the suspect in the photo. (Note: The photo of the suspect is from the side) So the blonde says "Well he must be half blind since he only has one eye" The guy says no and that it is a side photo. So the next Blonde comes in and says "Well he must be hard of hearing because he only has 1 ear" The man says "No!, It is a side photo!" So its the last Blondes turn and she goes in there and looks at the photo. She says, "Well, I believe that the suspect wears contacts. So the guy says, "Well, I'm going to have to check on that" So he comes back and says "Wow, how did you know the suspect wore contacts?" And the Blonde replies, "Well, it sure would be hard to buy glasses if you only have 1 eye and 1 ear"
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