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True Blonde Stories

Working as a IT technical assistant I have seen some really crazy things people have done to computers, but none as crazy as what a Blonde employee used to do. This one Blonde employee believed that by sweet talking the computer, the computer would run faster. To everyone's surprise it normally worked until we, at the technical department, had a closer examination. After having a quick look at the computer we realized that she had been working on one of the older computer which was still to be upgraded, which meant that all the time she spent talking to the computer was really just giving the computer time to process the info on what was an extremely old and slow computer. We tried explaining it to her but she still believes that by talking to her new one will help it run faster. Luckily she's got a PII 250 mhz now, so she wont have to talk as much now.
( Submitted by 'M . Jones' )
Living in Scotland and sticking to tradition I try my best to always wear my kilt, unfortunately so does my Blonde neighbor who is originally from the US. He says he came here to get back to his roots and so has decided to wear a kilt. When he first came over he had not worn a kilt before and so asked me for advise. I guess he decided to ask me so as not to look foolish in front of others, he saved that privilege for me instead. The thing that really makes him Blonde is that he asked me if it would be alright for him to wear some of his wife's thick stockings during winter or if that would go against tradition? So if you see a crazy Scot wearing women's clothing, tell him I said hi.
( Submitted by 'F . McFlintock' )
Its pretty well known that the temperature here in Australia can get pretty extreme and if you don't wear any kind of skin protection you get burnt pretty quickly. One day my, very attractive Blonde neighbor decided not to wear any protection and ended up getting burnt pretty badly. We now refer to her as the Little Red Riding Hood. Red because of the sun burn and Riding Hood, well as I said she's very attractive and has no problem finding a date. Burn baby burn!
( Submitted by 'M . Warne' )
Well this particular "DUMB BLONDE" that I am talking about is one of my best friends. So of course when something big is going on in her life, I'm there. Yes, I'm talking about the big driving test. You Know the one where you get your license? Well anyway, this was her first time driving in her life. So she gets in the car with the instructor. When she put the car in drive it started to roll so she slams on the brakes. then the instructor tells her to take it easy and slowly pull out of the parking lot. so she starts out good, then all of a sudden floors it, almost hitting the car in the opposite lane then comes to a screeching halt. Then she sticks her head out of the window and yells while laughing hysterically "Oh my god, I thought I was pressing on the brake, oops." Needless to say she didn't get her license.
( Submitted by 'J . Billingsly' )
The Blonde secretary where I work was waiting for the news for another secretary that was in the hostpital with labor pains waiting for her child to be born. After about two hours our Blonde secretary said, "Oh my God this is taking long ! I think if I had to wait that long for my baby to be delivered, I would have to bring a book to read. I'm serious!" Everyone with kid's in the office laughed and shook their heads.
( Submitted by 'Sue' )
Growing up in San Diego, you meet a lot of people from different places. A friend of mine and I were at a bar, when two navy men came up and started to talk to us. My friend asked one of the guys where he was from and he said "Well I'll give you a hint, it's the only state that starts with the letter 'G'" My friend looked him dead in the eyes and said "Oh I know, Jersey. Wait that would be an 'N' for New Jersey, wouldn't it?" To this day, I don't think she realizes that there is no 'G' in Jersey.
( Submitted by 'C . Kosier' )
I know this Blonde who is really sweet and trusting of everyone. She is also, needless to say very dumb. The girl (who's name I won't mention) is very attractive and has very large breasts. Now, one day she had come over to my house to work on an assignment with my brother. I was listening to them discuss who should do what sections of the project when they decided to flip a coin to decide. My brother flipped the coin but when they tried to see the results they had found they didn't know where it had gone. After looking for it for a while the girl said 'You know I think it might have gone done my top' This was not unlikely because the top was very low cut. So right then and there she stuck her hand down her bra in search for the missing coin. After not being able to find it she said to my brother 'Maybe it would be easier if you tried to get it'. My brother was shocked but could not resist the opportunity. He searched around in her top for a very long time and the only remark from our buxom Blondie was 'This must look very strange ... giggle ...' The coin was later found under a cushion but since then my brother tends to loose thing rather frequently when around this particular Blonde.
( Submitted by 'Mike' )
My blonde friend had gone to a local gas station to get gas. She went intending to pay in cash since that's all she had. When she gets out she reads the sign that said "Pay at pump." She got frustrated and went to another gas station because she wanted to go inside to pay with cash.
( Submitted by 'Andrew' )
One day, I was at my mom's office and she ask me to go make some copies for her, so I did. When I gave them back to her she goes, "Why are they blank?" I replied by saying, "Oh my gosh, I think I copied the backs of the papers." I was so embarrased.
( Submitted by 'jessica' )
One day my friend was in a hurry to get out of our study hall. She decided to take a short cut and jump over the chair. Needless to say she triped and fell and ended up taking the long way.
( Submitted by 'Sami' )