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True Blonde Story by J . Billingsly

Well this particular "DUMB BLONDE" that I am talking about is one of my best friends. So of course when something big is going on in her life, I'm there. Yes, I'm talking about the big driving test. You Know the one where you get your license? Well anyway, this was her first time driving in her life. So she gets in the car with the instructor. When she put the car in drive it started to roll so she slams on the brakes. then the instructor tells her to take it easy and slowly pull out of the parking lot. so she starts out good, then all of a sudden floors it, almost hitting the car in the opposite lane then comes to a screeching halt. Then she sticks her head out of the window and yells while laughing hysterically "Oh my god, I thought I was pressing on the brake, oops." Needless to say she didn't get her license.
( Submitted by 'J . Billingsly' )