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True Blonde Story by M . Jones

Working as a IT technical assistant I have seen some really crazy things people have done to computers, but none as crazy as what a Blonde employee used to do. This one Blonde employee believed that by sweet talking the computer, the computer would run faster. To everyone's surprise it normally worked until we, at the technical department, had a closer examination. After having a quick look at the computer we realized that she had been working on one of the older computer which was still to be upgraded, which meant that all the time she spent talking to the computer was really just giving the computer time to process the info on what was an extremely old and slow computer. We tried explaining it to her but she still believes that by talking to her new one will help it run faster. Luckily she's got a PII 250 mhz now, so she wont have to talk as much now.
( Submitted by 'M . Jones' )