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True Blonde Story by Mike

I know this Blonde who is really sweet and trusting of everyone. She is also, needless to say very dumb. The girl (who's name I won't mention) is very attractive and has very large breasts. Now, one day she had come over to my house to work on an assignment with my brother. I was listening to them discuss who should do what sections of the project when they decided to flip a coin to decide. My brother flipped the coin but when they tried to see the results they had found they didn't know where it had gone. After looking for it for a while the girl said 'You know I think it might have gone done my top' This was not unlikely because the top was very low cut. So right then and there she stuck her hand down her bra in search for the missing coin. After not being able to find it she said to my brother 'Maybe it would be easier if you tried to get it'. My brother was shocked but could not resist the opportunity. He searched around in her top for a very long time and the only remark from our buxom Blondie was 'This must look very strange ... giggle ...' The coin was later found under a cushion but since then my brother tends to loose thing rather frequently when around this particular Blonde.
( Submitted by 'Mike' )