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Dumb Blonde Joke No.207

There were three men working on a construction site, a Mexican, a black man, and a Blonde man. And everyday at lunch they had the same thing. Well one day they had had enough. "If I open my lunch box tomorrow, and there is a burrito, I'm jumping off of this building. "The black man opened his lunch pail and said "If I open my lunch pail tomorrow and there is another ham sandwich, I'm jumping off of this building." Then the Blonde man said "If I open this lunch box tomorrow and there is another cheese sandwich in here, I'm jumping off." Well the next day comes and they are all on their lunch break, when they each open their lunch pails. The Mexican opened his, and sure enough, another burrito, so he jumps to his death. The black man opens his and sure enough, another ham sandwich, so he jumps to his death. Then finally the Blonde man opens his lunch box, and finds a cheese sandwich, and so he jumps off. During the funeral the wives are mourning and blaming themselves, saying if only they had made something different, all that is except for the Blonde mans wife. When asked she said "hey don't blame me, he packed his own lunch."
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