Dumb Blonde Joke No.243

While driving on the highway one day a Blonde almost causes a truck to over turn. Annoyed by this the truck driver follower's her and tells her to pull over. He gets out and tells the Blonde to get out of her car, he then draw's a circle on the side of the road and tells the Blonde to stand there and not to move. He walk's over to her car and smash's in her window and say's "that's for almost killing me", but all the Blonde does is stand there and giggle. Really annoyed now he slashes one of her tire's and say's "what do you think about that?", but the Blonde just stand's there laughing. Now the truck driver is really annoyed and pull's out a knife and cut's up the interior of the car and scratches the paint job and say's "Now what do you think?", but now the Blonde can't help herself and she's laughing her head off. Now really annoyed he shout's at her "what is so funny?" The Blonde stop's laughing and look's at the truck driver and say's "Every time you turned around I stepped out of the circle."
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