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Dumb Blonde Joke No.305

Three Blondes were walking down a beach. They found a lamp, and decided to see what would happen if they rubbed it. So when they rubbed it "POOF" out popped a genie. He said that he would grant them any wish they wanted. The first Blonde said "OK" I want to be 10 times smarter. "POOF" she was turned into a Brunette. The second girl said well I want to be 10 times smarter than that. "POOF" she was turned into a Red-head. The third Blonde said well I kinda like being stupid so I want to be 10 times stupider. The genie had to think about this one for a long time, because he was never asked to do such a thing before. But after 30 minutes he said "Ahha, I got it" "POOF" he turned her into a man.
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What did Gwyneth Paltrow do to become this weeks celebrity dumb blonde?

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