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Dumb Blonde Joke No.619

Two blondes decide to go to the dog pound and each get a puppy. After arriving home, one blonde says to the other, "How are we going to tell them apart?" The other blonde replied, "I know, I'll give my puppy a red bow, and you can give your puppy a blue one." The next day the first blonde comes back and says, "Oh no, I can't tell them apart! They ripped the bows off when they were playing!" The second blonde says, "I know, I'll give my puppy a red collar, and you give yours a blue one. "The next day, the blonde returns. "Oh no, they've taken they're collars off while playing, I can't tell them apart!" The other blonde says, "I know, why don't I take the black puppy, and you take the white one?"
( Submitted by 'Jonette' )
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