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True Blonde Stories - Page 2

So I'm on a plane going to Arizona, and I meet this really nice black gentlemen who has the seat next to me. He helps me put my bag up in the overhead compartment, and also helps me put on my seat belt. Well, trying to make conversation I say "Wow its cold in here don't you think?" he replys "Oh I'll go get you a blanket." So he jumps up, goes to the front of the plane and gets a blanket. When he comes back, me being the idiot I am, said "Oh thanks for all the help, your like my slave." Let's just say that the rest of the flight was a little quite.
( Submitted by 'Kristen' )
I am a 41 years old natural platinum blonde, as being a mother I passed this trait on to one of my daughters, Danielle, 20 years old. One day my mother was taking my daughters on a shopping trip with her and she let the younger sister, Ciera, 18 years old drive. Well Ciera let the car get to close to the shoulder and the tires grazed the raised areas to alarm drivers they were veering 0ff the road. Ciera looked up at her grandmother and said, "Nana, what are those bumps on the shoulder of the road for?" My mother replied, "So that people who are tired or have been driving to long will know when they are drifting and it will wake them up." Danielle chimes in, "Nana! No its not, you told me that was so blind people could drive too." My mother cracked up and could not believe that Danielle actually believed her when she told her that while learning to drive.
( Submitted by 'Cheryl Fowler' )
Me and my blonde friend were watching a show called "Worlds Greatest Escapes" and she was so amazed but she kept saying "OMG, I wonder if they're gonna make it!"
( Submitted by 'Jordane' )
Working in a restaurant for a number of years, I've come across some pretty interesting characters. Nothing however could prepare me for the blondest waiter I've ever met. He arrived late for his job interview and had a pretty vacant look in his eyes. I decided to make a $5 bet with one of my colleagues that blonde guys can also be dumb blondes. My colleague believed the term only applied to women. Initially, he didn't seem like too much of a dumb blonde. Granted, he had long golden locks and didn't seem too bright, but he didn't seem any dumber than most blondes I've met. However, on his first night on the job he somehow managed to spill four drinks and got a variety of orders wrong, proving once and for all that blonde guys are dumb too. Needless to say I won the $5 bet. Later, our dumb blonde waiter asked if his cousin could find work with us. Our manager asked, "Is your cousin also a blonde?' To which our waiter responded, "Yes, haha but he's smart like me." We soon fired this genius of a waiter and, thankfully, never hired his blonde cousin.
( Submitted by 'Ben' )