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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson

2 March 1980, Australia
Stupid x 4

Rebel Wilson Gossip and News

27 Apr 2024

Rebel's Royal Orgy Story

Rebel Wilson has been revealing a lot in her new book including some salacious... (read more of this Stupid story)

10 Jun 2023

Rebel Starts Her Own Record Label

Rebel Wilson has taken a break from acting and started her own record label... (read more of this Stupid story)

18 Feb 2023

Rebel's Fat Contract

Rebel recently revealed that her contract for Pitch Perfect forced her to stay... (read more of this Stupid story)

15 Dec 2018

Rebel Without a Payout

After fighting Germany's Bauer Media for defamation and winning it looks like... (read more of this Really Dumb story)