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Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

1 November 1972, USA
"All those girls who were mean to me, I pay them back by going through the drive-through window and asking for my burger. That feels really great."
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Jenny McCarthy Gossip and News

13 Apr 2024

Jenny Reveals Playboy Party Secrets

Jenny McCarthy revealed what used to happen at the Playboy mansion when she was... (read more of this Really Dumb story)

28 Nov 2015

Hands Up if You have an STD

Jenny McCarthy complained on her SiriusXM radio show about Charlie Sheen... (read more of this Really Stupid story)

10 Oct 2015

Setting Her Nipples Free

Jenny McCarthy has said she wants to pose naked in Playboy 20+ years after first... (read more of this Stupid story)

8 Feb 2014

Jenny McCarthy Forever Alone

It was revealed on "The View" that Jenny McCarthy once applied to be on "The... (read more of this Really Stupid story)

30 Jun 2012

The Birds, the Bee's and yo Mama?

When asked about posing nude for the umpteenth time for Playboy and having a 10... (read more of this Stupid story)