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Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith

9 August 1957, USA

"There's a sculpture in our bedroom, a solid brass replica of Antonio's manhood. It's very expensive, he gave it to me as a romantic gift."
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Melanie Griffith Gossip and News

Village Idiot for 20 Feb 2016, Melanie Griffith

Love is Not in the Air

Miss Griffith had some relationship advice to give after her divorce from Antonio Banderas. Melanie told US Weekly "You don't need to get married to have a child anymore... It's not like there's a stigma on a child, and getting married, you either go through the whole bullshit of a prenuptial, or if you want to get divorced and you don't have a prenuptial, then you wish you had a prenuptial." Tell us more about the bullshit prenuptial issue you can't seem to get over.
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Village Idiot for 12 Dec 2015, Melanie Griffith

Melanie Has a Massive Pay Day After 18 Years

After 18 years Melanie Griffith has split with Antonio Banderas and is set to receive $65,000 a month. The couple broke up in June 2014 and finalized everything this year with Melanie walking away with 65,000 a month in spousal support, a Picasso painting and a house in Aspen. I guess Antonio was "Expendable".
Village Idiot for 23 Jul 2005, Melanie Griffith

Sense of Direction

Melanie got lost in Canada while visiting hubby Antonio Banderas on a movie shoot. Apparently Melanie asked strangers for directions back to the hotel she had been staying in for the last six weeks but instead waited for hotel staff to pick her up. It's official, homing pigeons having higher brain power than most blondes. I thought the original 'Working Girl' would know her way in and around hotels like the back of her hand.
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Village Idiot for 29 May 2004, Melanie Griffith

Melanie's Man Trouble

Melanie was left crying in a bathroom during a party when she saw husband Antonio Banderas exchanging numbers with a group of blondes while she was mingling. My only worry is that he went back for the blondes, but you know what they say "Once you go Blonde, you never go back."
Village Idiot for 26 Oct 2002, Melanie Griffith

Call The Police

While at a Sting concert Melanie lost the diamond out of her wedding ring. When Sting heard what had happened he stopped singing and had the house lights turned up and had everyone searching for the diamond. It was never found. Quick, Someone call 'The Police'. How the hell did the diamond fall out in the first place?
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Village Idiot for 1 Jun 2002, Melanie Griffith

Paranoid Melanie

Apparently Melanie is worried that hubby Antonio Banderas will be snatched by a younger women. So much so that she bought the house next door and converted it into a soccer field so she can always keep an eye on hubby Antonio. Talk about a short leash. Do you think maybe she's just a little bit paranoid? I always wondered how they came up with the idea for 'Big Brother', now I know. I wouldn't be surprised if the TV show borrowed some of her surveillance equipment.
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Village Idiot for 23 Feb 2002, Melanie Griffith

Car Hunting

Apparently while out car hunting Melanie Griffith was disappointed to hear that a Black SUV that her son wanted had already been sold just minutes before to another customer. She tried offering more money but was turned down. Maybe it's because nobody recognized her, I mean when was the last time anyone heard about her, besides the whole drug thing. Maybe next time she should take Hubby Antonio Banderas along, then again when was the last time he did anything?
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Village Idiot for 6 Oct 2001, Melanie Griffith

Flying High and Alone

It seems that Melanie and husband Antonio love flying first class when they travel. What's wrong with that? Well you see the kids and the Nanny have to fly coach. Do you think she's still on that 'Medication'? Mommy, mommy ! Can we sit in First Class with you? Sorry, kids. Mommy prefers to be alone when she's high.
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