Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar

14 April 1977, USA

"At first glance, I almost thought, this isn't a role for me. I don't want to play the quintessential dumb blonde, the babe in the woods character."
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Village Idiot for 19 Nov 2005, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Girl Power

Isn't it nice when celebrities take a break from their busy schedules to help out, or if your Sarah Michelle Gellar, simply taking a break from... taking a break. Sarah was kind enough to grace a benefit for the 'Step Up Women's Network' to talk about strong women, saying "Think about Rosa Parks. There was a woman who did so much for other women. And nowadays, women are famous for the way they wear their hair. Or designers they wear. Or who they date." Wait a minute, doesn't she fall into the latter category herself? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe her skin tight outfits and gymnastic abilities helping teenage boys pitch tents in their pants has absolutely nothing to do with her current celebrity status.
Really Stupid
Village Idiot for 13 Aug 2005, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah's Naked Ambition

Sarah wants to get naked for her next movie role so she can drop her teen star image. Sarah said "I am approaching 30 and I need a change. The sort of roles I would like are not being offered, so this way might just shock people into choosing me." Finally we get to see Buffy in the buff. I'm not one to hold a grudge, but I didn't see much in Cruel Intentions, let's hope she spends this summer preparing for the role.
Really Stupid
Village Idiot for 4 Dec 2004, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy's New York Nightmare

Sarah started crying while on a photo shoot in New York when a crowd formed to watch her pose. Sarah said "The shoot was on the street and I was in tears. Crowds were looking at me." Don't worry, I'm sure most of them cried when they saw your acting. Who would have thought Buffy's greatest fear was a crowd of New Yorkers. Maybe she's one of those celeb's that doesn't want anyone looking her in the eye... or face or anywhere in her general vicinity.
Village Idiot for 7 Jun 2003, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Stuck in Fantasy Land

Sarah has landed the role of 'Night Nurse', a blonde heroine who fights crime wearing a nurses uniform and black stockings. Drop your pants and cough... or else. It's nice to know she's trying to improve on her career with academy worthy material. From blonde hottie fighting the dead to blonde hottie fighting the not so dead, I think the diversity in her character's will serve her well in the future
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 17 May 2003, Sarah Michelle Gellar

I Quit!

Sarah pissed off her "Buffy - The Vampire Slayer" co-stars when she quit the show without telling anyone. Alyson Hannigan said "It wasn't a big surprise, but finding out from a magazine article, that sucked." Don't be so hard on her, she probably just couldn't wait to sink her teeth into a new role. Let's just hope her new endeavours don't suck as much.
Village Idiot for 11 Jan 2003, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Private Property

Sarah doesn't like anyone going near the directors chair that she uses on the set of her show. Apparently Sarah started screaming when she saw a make-up bag on it and insisted that it be removed for her. Let me get this right, she kicks vampire butt with various weapons but has a strange weakness when it comes to a make-up bag.
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 17 Aug 2002, Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Replacement Killers

The producers of 'Buffy the Vampire slayer' are worried that Sarah might be leaving due to the response from the 'Scooby Doo Movie'. They are currently trying to save the show by looking for some fresh young ladies to continue with if Sarah leaves. From what I've seen of the 'Scooby Doo Movie' they should get rid of 'ol Sarah and save themselves the embarrassment of having her on there show. Look at it on the bright side, if she left maybe she could expand her acting into areas void of monsters and mayhem.
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 29 Dec 2001, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy on the Defensive

It seems that Buffy needs a little help protecting fiance Freddie Prinze Jr. after he received death threats telling him to dump Buffy, or Else. Freddie didn't take it too seriously but Buffy freaked out and arranged for extra security and bodyguards. What ? Buffy the Vampire Slayer needs help kicking bad guy Butt ? Not so tough any more are you ? Maybe she could scare them to death with her acting and then kill them Buffy Style when they come back from beyond the Grave. Just a thought.
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 11 Aug 2001, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy's No Housewife

It seems that 'Buffy' isn't to keen to put away the wooden stakes and become a house wife for Husband to be Freddie Prinze Jr., she says she wants to keep kicking Vampire butt. What's wrong with staying at home, just think of all the wonderful meals you could cook up for hubby when he gets home, there's 'Blood Pudding', 'Steak'.
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