Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

28 November 1967, USA

"He wanted to make me happy. My wish was his command."
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Village Idiot for 18 Dec 2004, Anna Nicole Smith

Sight for Sore Eyes

Anna showed a huge bra she used to wear before losing weight at the "VH1 Big in '04" awards. Fearing she was about to expose herself on TV the organizers sent a VH1 crewman to escort Anna off stage. So that's what they mean by boobie prize. Can you imagine what would have happened if she did a stage dive? Good bye row's 1 - 8. Maybe she was going to do a Janet Jackson, one can only imagine how big the pastie covering her nipple would have to be.
Village Idiot for 28 Aug 2004, Anna Nicole Smith

Anna's Supernatural Sex

Anna said "I used to think it was my boyfriend, and one day I woke up and it wasn't. It was like a spirit. I was freaked out about it, but then I was like, 'Well, you know what? He's never hurt me and he just gave me some amazing sex, so I have no problem.'" Talk about kinky, the only people she's had sex with are either dead or on their death bed.
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Village Idiot for 15 May 2004, Anna Nicole Smith

Anna isn't a fan of Kid Rock

Kid Rock tried to start a conversation with Anna and her son, Daniel, at the Kentucky Derby only to be met with a tongue lashing. What's wrong with Kid Rock? Pamela Anderson didn't seem to mind, and we know Pamela has great taste in men. Anyway, she should be flattered, I doubt she has many men approaching her now-a-days. Then again, all the guys she's attracted to are on their death beds tethered to a life support machine.
Village Idiot for 21 Jun 2003, Anna Nicole Smith

Hair Today

When Anna's hair stylist arrived to do her hair before filming he was told that she was asleep and that he was to do her hair while she slept. He eventually gave up when he couldn't do the back and sat for an hour waiting until she woke up. What's wrong with him, hasn't he ever done someone's hair while they slept? The last thing we want is to do is disturb her, God knows she 'needs' her beauty sleep.
Really Stupid
Village Idiot for 7 Dec 2002, Anna Nicole Smith

Catching some Zzz

Anna shocked shoppers when she decided to catch up on some sleep while at 'Bath, Bed and Beyond'. She did so by slipping into one of the display beds, pulled up the cover's and slept for a half an hour. Shame, it must be hard for the poor girl trying to spend all that money that she 'worked' so hard for. I imagine with all that decision making about 'what to buy', and more importantly 'will it fit?' must have left her light headed .
Village Idiot for 5 Oct 2002, Anna Nicole Smith

Question Time

Anna was asked by a reporter, among other things, how tall she was and who her favourite authors were. Anna Replied "5'12" and "the people who write soap operas" Well at least she got them right, I hope. It must be pretty difficult 'reading' their work considering only the actors have access to it. I think they should make a soapy just for Anna, they could call it "The Young and the Dumb" or "The Bold and the Brainless"
Village Idiot for 7 Sep 2002, Anna Nicole Smith

Anna is a Rating Hit

Anna's new show managed to pull in over 6.3 million viewers by it's second episode. Producers say that the show is most popular among the 18 - 34 age group. 6.3 million viewers, not bad, then again there are roughly 6.3 million people in the world who stop to look at a car accident and for some odd reason most of them are in the 18 - 34 age group. What are the chances?
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Village Idiot for 3 Aug 2002, Anna Nicole Smith

Anna's Reality

Apparently people where howling with laughter at scenes from the new reality show staring Anna. The scenes show Anna N trying to be like 'ordinary folk' while out shopping. 'Ordinary folk'? If you want to act like us 'ordinary folk' then try shopping without a $88 million limit. Also we 'ordinary folk' rarely go out shopping with ten or twenty cameras following us around.
Village Idiot for 15 Jun 2002, Anna Nicole Smith

Anna on the Silver Screen

It seems that we're going to be seeing a lot more of Anna. E! Network has just given the thumbs up for a half hour reality show about Anna which will be broadcast at 10pm, no date has been set yet, Thank God. I bet you can't wait either? I wonder what the show will be like, they could make it a cross between 'The Osbournes' and 'Survivor', they could call it "How the Fuck will I survive with only $88 million?"
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Village Idiot for 18 May 2002, Anna Nicole Smith

No Money for Anna

An update on the Anna N money series. Apparently the court has ruled against Anna N who was trying to get an extra $30 million which she claims she lost in interest because of the lengthy trial in which she was awarded $88 million. It seems Justice really is blind. Shame, now 'poor little' Anna N is going to have to scrape by on a measly $88 million, how will she do it ? I think the first couple million should just about cover lunch for her, after that, it's up to the Green Peace to feed Willy, Sorry, I mean Anna N.
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