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16 August 1958, USA

"If I was a girl again, I would like to be like my fans, I would like to be like Madonna."
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Madonna Gossip and News - Page 9

Village Idiot for 24 May 2003, Madonna

Madonna is so Boring

Apparently after doing a TV show in Germany viewers jammed the shows switchboard with complaints that Madonna was too boring in the interview. One viewer said "The highlight was her admitting she doesn't eat sausages or cheese." Boring? You know a Blondes career is going nowhere when Germans consider her boring.
Village Idiot for 3 May 2003, Madonna

'ol Madonna

Madonna had a problem when she went to pick up her daughter from school. After dying her hair back to it's original brown, teachers at the school didn't recognize her. It was only after Madonna was able to convince them, would they allow her to take Lourdes home. She's no longer a Blonde? Wait a minute, does this mean that she can't be the 'Village Idiot'? What is happening to the world, has everyone gone mad?
Village Idiot for 12 Apr 2003, Madonna

Celebrity Memorabilia

Apparently Madonna wasn't very happy when a person who collects celebrity memorabilia claimed to have one of Madonna's molars. Madonna says that she still has all her molars and has now made a catalog of all her possessions. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. I guess she's just gonna have to grin and bare it.
Village Idiot for 15 Feb 2003, Madonna

Bird Brained Ban

Madonna has banned all hunting of game birds on her country estate in England. It's not because she's against killing the little guys, but because she's afraid the dead birds will come back to haunt her. I thought I saw a dead bird... I did, I did. I can see it now a remake of the old Alfred Hitchcock classic "The Birds". It could be directed by husband Guy Ritchie and star Madonna, they could call it "The Bird Brained Blonde"
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 23 Nov 2002, Madonna

Straight to Video

Apparently Madonna's new movie 'Swept Away', directed by husband Guy Ritchie, is going straight to video. Straight to video? The only movie's I know of on video that have Blonde's in them have really bad soundtracks and several sweaty German men. Maybe they should have tried the more traditional couple movie, like Pam and Tommy.
Village Idiot for 19 Oct 2002, Madonna

Food Fight

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie got into a fight trying decide where to go for dinner. Guy wanted Japanese food while Madonna wanted to eat at 'The Ivy'. The argument ended up with Guy storming off to spend the night with friends. Who says celebrity couple's aren't normal? They fight over things just as petty as the rest of us. Then again, the average person's argument rarely involves fine dining choices.
Village Idiot for 11 May 2002, Madonna

Panic Room

According to reports Madonna has had a Panic Room installed behind her private office. The room is made of 5 inch thick steel walls, it also has food and water supplies and a panic button that once pressed locks the doors and calls the LAPD. Lets see, a disaster so big that she needs 5 inch thick walls plus food and water supplies for a week and she thinks that by pressing a button the LAPD are going to rescue her. If I was in the LAPD I know my first priority would be to save the rich and famous, NOT.
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 30 Mar 2002, Madonna

Madonna's Cold Shoulder for Britney

A lot can happen in a year, apparently Madonna was thinking of doing a duet with Britney Spears a year ago but since then has stayed as far away from Britney as, well, Justin Timberlake. According to reports Madonna has told her people to tell Britney's people that she is too busy. Brrrr, feel that? The cold shoulder. Maybe Madonna is just upset, I know it's been a whole year but there's still hope for the two of them. I mean just think of the possibilities, they could sing "... she's a Virgin touched by an N*Sync boy ..."
Village Idiot for 2 Mar 2002, Madonna

Sex Toy Shopping

Business has been slow for certain stores in Hollywood since Madonna got married to current hubby, Guy Ritchie. Madonna used to be a regular at one store and was often seen purchasing various items including Handcuffs. I wonder why she used to buy handcuffs? Maybe they were for ex-hubby Sean Penn, all those run-ins with the law must have created a fetish. I wonder if new hubby, Guy, enjoys the Handcuffs?
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 8 Dec 2001, Madonna

Madonna's Naughty Lyrics

It seems that Madonna feel's there is no better way to relax than to listen to teeny poper Britney and make up naughty lyrics and have a sing along. You know Madonna, I couldn't agree more, which is kinda scary with you being a Blonde. Just think of all the possibilities like, " Oops, I faked again, I made you believe your good in bed but your not ..."
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