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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

1 July 1967, Canada

"Its great being blonde, with such low expectations its easy to impress."
Stupid x 61

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Village Idiot for 15 Nov 2003, Pamela Anderson

On the Air

Pamela Anderson has got her very own radio show. which she will be doing topless and will be broadcasting the satellite radio show live from her bedroom. What's the point of doing it topless if your on radio? And what about the interference from the various "toys" lying around? Pamela, that's not a microphone you're talking into.
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 25 Oct 2003, Pamela Anderson

Boycotting KFC

Pamela has called for an international boycott of KFC. Pamela claims that the fast food chain is guilty of "... cruelty to chickens ..." Wait, you mean the crowd known for deep frying chickens for a living is doing them harm?
Village Idiot for 18 Jan 2003, Pamela Anderson

Bible Study

According to reports Pamela enjoys meeting with a group of young children on a weekly basis and reading them Bible stories. Pamela says that she wants to make a difference in their young lives. I never knew they made Bibles with pop-up pictures. How much do you want to bet the fathers pick the kids up afterwards?
Village Idiot for 10 Aug 2002, Pamela Anderson

Pamela on a Budget

Pamela went to a Pizza Hut near her to buy a salad. Instead of paying $5.00 for a large salad she opted instead to buy a smaller $3.00 salad and cram as much on the plate as possible. Well that's Pamela for you, always squeezing big things into small places (Go Tommy) Hey you never know, maybe she was going to share it with someone else, or maybe she's just cheap.
Village Idiot for 20 Apr 2002, Pamela Anderson

Pamela Home Improvement

According to reports Pamela had no problems while out shopping at a home improvement store, in fact after arriving in a pair of hot pants and a bra top she had all the sales people and other male shoppers following her around offering her help. Lets see, a home improvement store and she arrived in a pair of hot pants and a bra top. You see ladies, all you need to do is take our needs into consideration. Aisle 3 - hammers, nails and Hot pants?
Village Idiot for 23 Mar 2002, Pamela Anderson

Pamela's Bedroom Complaint

It seems Pamela is starting to complain about boyfriend Kid Rock's sleeping habits. Apparently Kid likes to fall asleep while listening to Mozart and insists on wearing flannel pajamas to bed while Pamela sleeps completely naked. Shame, poor Pamela. Maybe she could try and tempt Kid Rock out of his flannel pajamas by doing a strip tease to the sounds of Mozart, she could even use her strippers pole that she already has set up in her bedroom, and if she's lucky she could move onto Kid's pole.
Village Idiot for 9 Feb 2002, Pamela Anderson

Giving Up Acting

According to reports Pamela has decided to give up her acting career and now wants to be one of boyfriend, Kid Rocks, dancers. Apparently she already has a strippers pole in her bedroom which she practices her moves on. Acting? right, that's what it was. How do I put this? You on TV, not bad. You on Strippers Pole, even better. You on ex-hubby Tommy Lee's pole as seen on TV, priceless.
Village Idiot for 22 Dec 2001, Pamela Anderson

Pamela's Custody Battle

According to reports Pamela has asked for full custody of her 2 Kids as she says that Ex-husband Tommy Lee is a Danger to himself and others when he drinks. No ! You don't say, a danger? I wonder what gave her that idea. It must have been a tough decision for the judge, I mean its not like she's a saint, although some would say she has a heavenly body
Really Dumb
Village Idiot for 4 Aug 2001, Pamela Anderson

Pamela's Husband No. 2

It seems that Pamela has husband No. 2 ready in the form of Kid Rock, but jealous ex-husband Tommy Lee says she will marry over his dead body. Really Pamela, haven't you learnt by now that these Rock 'n Roll bad boys only really want a Directing Debut. But hey, you never know, maybe the next movie will also Rock.
Village Idiot for 7 Jul 2001, Pamela Anderson

Pamela's VIP Parking

Apparently Pamela isn't that difficult to spot driving around California in her Ford Explorer. It seems that she has 'V.I.P' written on her license plates which she says is for her TV show and not her celebrity status. Sure its for 'The Show', we believe you. Come on, you may be blonde but we're not, we know what you're up to, you're just using them so you can pick up chicks! No wait, that was my plan, never mind.