Village Idiot for 31 Jan 2009, Uma Thurman
By Siebbi (Uma Thurman) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Uma Thurman as the Village Idiot

Uma Kills Bill Time

Kill Bill star, Uma, raised the discomfort level on a flight between New York' and Salt Lake City by getting out of her seat during the flight and doing yoga in the aisles only to later start chain smoking once the plane had landed. A source told the New York Post newspaper "Uma started doing yoga in the aisles. She used the flight-attendant station as a ballet barre, where she stretched and did plies for 20 minutes." Most airlines provide each passenger with a bag of nut's, however, under these tough economic time's this one decided to share one nut case with everyone on an aisle seat.

Really Stupid

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Village Idiot for 25 Jun 2016, Uma Thurman

Uma is Too Old for This Shit

Uma has been having trouble getting around these days after breaking "a few bones" after falling off a horse. Uma's rep said "Uma was in an equestrian accident. She was training on a young thoroughbred who got spooked. She was thrown and broke a few bones." That horse is dead once she recovers, hunts down the ex-gang of assassins who betrayed her and cuts off it's head with her samurai sword, but just a bit off the top, not full Godfather.