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Britney Spears

Britney Spears

2 December 1981, USA

"I trip and I burp and I fart, like everybody else."
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Britney Spears Gossip and News - Page 11

3 Mar 2007

Britney Back in Rehab

It looks like Britney is taking the same approach to her mental health as she... (read more of this Idiotic story)

17 Feb 2007

Britney has Lost It

It's official, Britney has lost it, and probably her kids too. Just days after... (read more of this story)

13 Jan 2007

Booze Hound Britney takes a Break

Since rumours hit that Miss Spears collapsed at a New Years Eve party after... (read more of this Stupid story)

6 Jan 2007

Salacious Interview

'In Touch Weekly' claims that Miss Spears is into porno and girls and often... (read more of this story)

6 Jan 2007

Crazy Britney at it Again

During her third stint at rehab Britney has supposedly tried to hang herself,... (read more of this story)

6 Jan 2007

K-Fed's Measly Million

After a 5 hour meeting Britney and K-Fed have reached a settlement in their... (read more of this story)

6 Jan 2007

Britney's Breakdown, Again

Only a couple months since her rehab & rampage spree Brit Twit is back to her... (read more of this story)

6 Jan 2007

Give K-Fed the Kids

Normally I wouldn't advocate giving primary custody to a white rapper called... (read more of this story)

6 Jan 2007

Britney's Comeback, Take 2

After her dismal performance at the MTV VMA's, Brit Twit has been given a second... (read more of this story)

6 Jan 2007

Paradise Lost

Civilization has lost, K-Fed is now considered a responsible parent, well more... (read more of this story)