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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

18 December 1980, USA

"I'm an ocean because I'm really deep. If you search deep you can find rare exotic treasures."
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Christina Aguilera Gossip and News - Page 6

Village Idiot for 8 Sep 2001, Christina Aguilera

Christina's Underage Drinking Dilemma

According to reports Christina was furious when a wine steward refused to give her wine because she was underage. Christina tried arguing that her birthday was only 5 months away but to no avail. All together now... "Awwwwwww Shame!" Don't worry Christina, once people wake up and stop buying your crap you can drink as much as you want with the rest of the trailer park trash.
Village Idiot for 9 Jun 2001, Christina Aguilera

Shop Lifting Shenanigans

Christina has sent heads spinning again, this time however because of an alarm. It seems that Christina left a store but didn't have the security tags on the garments removed. It seems the cashier who had attended her forgot to remove the tags, probably star struck. Naughty, naughty Christina. Don't you know that your always supposed to check to make sure they remove the tags so you can avoid public humiliation ? But hey, when was the last time you had a hit single anyway, you probably needed the attention.
Village Idiot for 5 May 2001, Christina Aguilera

Star Struck

It seems that even the Stars themselves get Star struck sometimes, just ask Christina who acted like a giddy school girl when she bumped into Brad Pitt in a health store. Christina started yaping and only let up when Brad said that he was spending his birthday with his wife and hurried quickly out of the store. Come on Christina, surely you know "... what a boy wants". Just let the man get his organic veggie's so he can get back to his wife. You really should have a go at the single guys, that way you don't have to watch out for the friends of angry wives.
Village Idiot for 27 Jan 2001, Christina Aguilera

Christina's Closet Conundrum

Christina has been seeing this guy for quite some time and says she is deeply in love with him. However she hasn't quit figured out that her sweet-heart has a secret gay life. He reportedly frequents gay bars and hangs out with gay porn stars. Doll ! Wake up and smell the coffee. There is no such thing as a perfect man. "... What a boy needs, what a boy wants ..."
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