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Pamela Anderson as the Village Idiot

Pamela is Agent 00DD

Village Idiot for 26 May 2018, Pamela Anderson

Reports have it that Pamela Anderson once tried to flirt her way past the Secret Service to get Vice President Mike Pence to pardon Julian Assange. Pamela was in Manhattan filming a PSA in the same bulding when a witness claims Pamela marched up to a secret service agent asking to see Pence "The Secret Service agent practically swooned and fainted when she walked up to him and started pressing her finger on his badge. Pam said, 'I'd like to meet the vice president.'" but "The agent did get it together enough to politely refuse, saying the vice president was busy." Next time try it in your Baywatch suit. Maybe get a time machine so 90's Pamela Anderson can give it a go. That would help, a lot.

Really Stupid

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