Dumb Blonde Jokes, Water Babes - Page 2

Q: How do you kill a Blonde?
A: Put a scratch and sniff on the bottom of the pool.
Q: What did the Blonde do when her boyfriend was having a seizure in the bath tub?
A: She threw in a load of laundry.
Q: Why don't they let Blondes swim in the ocean?
A: Because they can't get the smell out of the tuna.
Q: Why has the wave been outlawed at baseball games?
A: Because all the Blondes used to drowned.
Q: What do Blondes and the Bermuda triangle have in common?
A: They both have swallowed a lot of semen.
Q: What do you call two blondes in a canoe?
A: Fur traders.
Q: How did the Blonde Hockey Team drown?
A: Spring training.
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What did Britney Spears do to become this weeks celebrity dumb blonde?

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Q: Why can't Blondes go water-skiing?
A: Because when she gets wet, she tends to drop her knee's.
Q: What do you call 4 Blondes laying on the beach?
A: Public access.
Q: Did you hear about the Blonde who got a pair of water-skis?
A: She's still looking for a lake with a slope.
One day while driving along a Blonde sees another Blonde in the middle of a wheat field rowing in a boat. So she stop's and gets out of the car and shout's to the Blonde in the middle of the field "It's Blonde like you that give all us Blonde a bad name, and if I could swim I would come over there and kick your ass!"
A Blonde, Brunette and a Redhead were trapped on a island 20 miles from shore. The Redhead started swimming and got tired after 2 miles and turned around and swam back. Then the Brunette started to swim and after 7 miles of swimming she turned back. The Blonde jumped in and swam 17 miles got tired and turned back.