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Dumb Blonde Jokes, Bar Flys

Q: Why did the blonde go into 'Hooters'?
A: Because owls are her favorite animal.
( Submitted by 'Gaby,Stacy,Susmita' )
Q: How do you fit four blondes on one bar stool?
A: Turn it over.
( Submitted by 'samy' )
Q: Why did the blonde carry a ladder to the bar?
A: Because she heard that the drinks were on the house.
( Submitted by 'alana' )
A guy walks into a bar. "Ouch!"
A blonde walks into a bar. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!..."
Did you hear the Blonde had a blackout last night? She's going to have another tonight.
A Blonde was standing in front of a soda machine muttering, "You're a dumb-looking button. You don't have much of a future, either. You're going to be replaced by a much better looking button." "What are you doing?" her girlfriend asked. The Blonde quickly pointed to the sign on the front of the machine that read "DEPRESS BUTTON FOR ICE"
Q: How do you describe a Blonde, surrounded by drooling idiots?
A: Flattered.
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I Bet I Know

There was so much alcohol in the Blonde's system that he was only allowed to donate during licensing hour's.
There were three Blondes that walked into a bar and shouted, "We're not dumb! We put this puzzle together!" the bartender said, "So what's the point?" the Blondes said, "this puzzle says 3-5 years but we did it in 51 days."
( Submitted by 'JJ' )
Two Blondes walk into a bar that serves food and pull out their sandwiches but the barman tells them "You can't eat your own sandwiches in here." So they swapped.
One day a Blonde is sitting in a bar trying to spear the olive in his drink with a toothpick, but the olive always eluded him. Finally a guy sitting next to the Blonde picked up a toothpick and said "Here this is how you do it" and neatly speared the olive. "Big deal" said the Blonde "I already had him so tired he couldn't get away."
A Blonde walks into a bar with a door under his arm. "What's with the door?" asked the barman. "Well," said the Blonde "its a safety precaution, lost night I lost my key." "And what happens if you loose the door?" asked the barman. "That's alright, I left the window open. "replied the Blonde.
There was two guys that came out of a bar. One looked up and said, "That's the moon." The other one said, "No it's not, that's the sun." They were arguing back and fourth until this Blonde came up. They asked her what it was and she said, "I don't know, I'm not from around here.
A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead were sitting around trying to compare their boyfriends to brands of pop. The Redhead said, "My boyfriend's like 7-Up. He's seven inches long and he's always up. "The Brunette said, "My boyfriend's like Mountain Dew. He loves to do it in the mountains all the time. "The Blonde said," My boyfriend's like Jack Daniels." The Brunette cut in, "You can't use Jack Daniels. That's a hard liquor. "A smile crossed the Blonde's face. "I know."
A Blonde walk's into a bar and order's 18 beer's. "Why so many?" asked the bartender. "Can't you read the sign?" replied the Blonde "no one served under 18."