Suzanne Takes a Tumble - Village Idiot featuring Suzanne Somers | Blondesville
By Lameer Witter (USMC) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Suzanne Somers as the Village Idiot

Suzanne Takes a Tumble

Village Idiot for 10 Oct 2020, Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers, the original TV dumb blonde, revealed she had to have surgery after taking a tumble down some stairs at home. Suzanne told fans "I had an intense amount of pain after the fall that was not resolving - even after having tequila! After several scans, it was determined I had 2 vertebrae out of place which was causing pressure on nerves and creating that tremendous pain" going on to say "The good news is that I had neck surgery to correct these issues and now I am on the mend!" Maybe the tequila is the reason she fell down the stairs in the first place? Get better soon, the new generation of dumb blondes aren't the same.


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