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By Lameer Witter (USMC) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Suzanne Somers as the Village Idiot

Suzanne's Naked Home Invader

Village Idiot for 13 Feb 2021, Suzanne Somers

Suzanne was having a Facebook Live session with fans outdoors at her home when a near naked man suddenly appeared. After hearing a noise she asked "Are you here?" and got a response "I'm here...! I was slightly terrified over there for a second... There were goats following me." Suzanne explained to Page 6 "I was expecting dinner guests; that's why I was so friendly at first. When he came closer, he barely had any clothes on... I had a few hundred thousand people watching, and I wanted to keep them calm. The great thing is that he was almost naked, so I could see he didn't have anything, he didn't have a weapon" I don't know what kind of dinner parties Susan is holding for her to be that calm when near naked people appear out of nowhere, but can I get an invite? Or do I just let myself in and ask the goats for directions?

Really Stupid

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