Village Idiot for 17 Nov 2007, Owen Wilson
By Eva Rinaldi (Owen Wilson) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Owen Wilson as the Village Idiot

On the Straight and Narrow

Owen on display for pee-ping toms. Eager to prove he's no longer using drugs Owen has resorted to leaving the bathroom door open when going to the loo. Owen was at a ball in honour of artist Takashi Murikami where Page 6 reports "He was with a girl with blond highlights... and he went to the bathroom and peed with the door open." I suppose that's one way proving people wrong or there's always the good old fashioned deny, deny, deny.


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Village Idiot for 1 Sep 2007, Owen Wilson

Suicide Attempt

Funny man Owen Wilson attempted suicide last Sunday after splitting from fellow blonde star Kate Hudson. Owen was supposedly on antidepressants when he slit his wrists but was rushed to hospital where he is currently under observation. From Wedding Crasher to Wrist Slasher, what were you thinking? As punishment for your ill judgement you've been sent to join the Village Idiot squad.