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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

17 February 1981, USA

"I don't want to be known as the granddaughter of the Hiltons. I want to be known as Paris."
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Village Idiot for 2 Jan 2010, Paris Hilton

Pothead Paris at World Cup

Pseudo celeb Paris was detained by cops in South Africa on suspicion of smoking marijuana. It is believed Pariste was confronted at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium where she was caught with weed. The worst thing of all is she's back here in South Africa, why wasn't I warned or the gun control measures lowered for her arrival? I know police corruption normally helps get criminals out of jail in our country but I wonder if we can pull an old switcheroo and have her locked up instead? Send your donations to "Pariste Free World Cup" and receive a thumbs up from the big man upstairs.
Village Idiot for 2 Jan 2010, Paris Hilton

Damn this Corruption

What is it going to take to have pay-per-view Paris rot in a cell? The judge dropped charges against pseudo celeb Paris and instead ordered Playboy Playmate Jennifer Rovero to pay a R1000.00 fine. Paris' lawyer/scumbag was later heard saying "They got the wrong fucking blonde"
Village Idiot for 2 Jan 2010, Paris Hilton

Pothead Paris caught with more Weed

After her arrest in South Africa, and then unfortunate release, pseudo celeb Paris was caught with more weed at Corisca airport and arrested again. Once again the heir head was released as she was carrying less than a gram of marijuana in her handbag. Seriously - WTF?
Village Idiot for 2 Jan 2010, Paris Hilton

Parisite continues to Infest our World

A knife wielding intruder was caught by police while trying to break into pay-per-view Paris' house. Honestly, the Ninja standards of today just aren't up to scratch.
Village Idiot for 2 Jan 2010, Paris Hilton

Another Failure of the Justice System

Pseudo celeb Paris was given a 1 year suspended sentence and 200 hours community service for cocaine possession. Parisite admitted to cocaine possession after initially denying the bag holding the illegal substance was hers. 3 drug arrests in 3 separate countries, it looks like America's legal system is as effective as those of third world countries.
Village Idiot for 12 Dec 2009, Paris Hilton

Paris' Police Forum

It seems like the perpetually useless Hilton clan just can't hold onto their ill-gotten money with Nicky Hilton's LA pad being robbed. Paris tweeted "It's unbelievable how my sister called the cops over an hour ago and they still haven't shown up, Her house just got robbed, so messed up." Paris continued "I HATE people who steal! It's so wrong! I hope they catch whoever did this! There has (sic) been so many robberies lately. So scary!" Maybe if they hang posters of Paris' movie career around entrances it would act as a deterrent. Spare a thought for the poor Hilton's this Christmas stuck with only cashmere sweaters to keep them warm.
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Village Idiot for 28 Nov 2009, Paris Hilton

When STD's and Hate Collide

The fiery relationship of pseudo celeb Paris and Doug Reinhardt seems to have got the neighbours worked up as well with some going so far as to call the cops after all night parties and fights. Neighbours are so tired of late night escapades at Paris' brothel pad they have called the LAPD, the LA City Attorney and the LA City Council. What is Doug's problem? Doesn't he know you should never lay your hands on a lady - especially after bitch slapping Paris, you never know where she's been.
Village Idiot for 14 Nov 2009, Paris Hilton

Biblical Plague to Wipe out World

With her ego inflated just enough to mount an aerial and audio attack on civilization pseudo celeb Paris will embark on her very first world tour for her second album. Parisite's previous aural assault managed to infest the Billboard 200 making it to sixth place encouraging her to once again attempt world domination - sans vagina. Did I miss something somewhere? Who in their right mind would contemplate buying a Paris Hilton CD? Normally I would blame the heir head herself but this is clearly your fault. You know who you are. Sitting their all smug with your copy of 'Paris'. You'll be sorry, just you wait until the second coming, the Biblical one, not Paris' backstage antics.
Village Idiot for 31 Oct 2009, Paris Hilton

Paris ditches Doug

Pseudo celeb Paris headed straight for the exist on the weekend while at boyfriend Doug Reinhardt's birthday party in nightclub Wasted Space. Paris caught site of previous bedroom captive, Benji Madden, who was performing and immediately made a getaway leaving Doug to enjoy the night Parisite free. A source said "She was freaking out big time and was desperate not to bump into him. It's quite clear they didn't end on good terms." Normally Paris' gift's last a long and itchy lifetime but I think her absence will go down as welcome relief, much like the ointment prescribed after every Paris Hilton encounter.
Village Idiot for 3 Oct 2009, Paris Hilton

Party Paris Pooped

It looks like the long night's on the streets of Hollywood have taken their toll on pay-per-view Paris. Heir head Paris tweeted before her night out began "Getting ready to go to dinner and then out. Haven't been out to LA clubs in so long. Should be fun." This was followed by a tweet later "On my way home. LA is not what it used to be. Brutal. Can't wait to get in bed." She must be getting old, in the good 'ol days Paris could spend hours "working" the streets of LA in a desperate bid to be famous. It looks like there won't be any more pavement pounding, however, regular pounding is still available on request.
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