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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

30 August 1972, USA

"I can spend hours in a grocery store. I get so excited when I see food, I go crazy. I spend hours arranging my baskets so that everything fits in and nothing gets squashed. I'm really anal about it, actually."
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Village Idiot for 23 Jun 2001, Cameron Diaz

Driving Miss Diaz

Apparently while driving, Miss Diaz, stopped next to a guy who was talking on his cell phone well driving and motioned for him to roll down his window. Imagine the poor guys surprise when she gave him a tongue lashing for talking while driving instead of hitting on him. How can you get the poor guys hopes up like that and then leave him in your dust feeling belittled. Everyone knows that when a Blonde stops to talk to you she only wants one thing. Men have feelings to you know.
Village Idiot for 12 May 2001, Cameron Diaz

Beyond the Call of Duty

Most people think that making a movie is pretty easy, but not for Miss Diaz. Apparently life on the set of a movie is so tough that Cameron has to have her Personal Assistant shave her arm pits for her. Maybe the training for 'Charlies Angels' was too intense and with all that sweating and fighting the last thing you need is bad Body Odour. Maybe she could get some ideas from 'The Karate Kid', you know "... Wax on ... Wax off ..."