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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

18 December 1980, USA

"I'm an ocean because I'm really deep. If you search deep you can find rare exotic treasures."
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Christina Aguilera Gossip and News - Page 2

14 Jan 2012

Colossal Christina

Colossal Christina couldn't care less about your gag reflex. While promoting her... (read more of this Stupid story)

22 Oct 2011

Chubby Aguilera

The long standing feud between Kelly Osborne and Christina Aguilera took centre... (read more of this Really Dumb story)

27 Aug 2011

Christina's child care Critique

Recent photo's of Christina's kid, Max, show him with a black eye. Speculation... (read more of this Dumb story)

5 Mar 2011

Christina off to the Drunk Tank

Dirty Aguilera was arrested along with her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler - Matthew... (read more of this Idiotic story)

12 Feb 2011

She's taking you down with her

After a failed marriage and pathetic attempt at acting, Christina decided you... (read more of this Stupid story)

22 Jan 2011

Hurricane Christina

Hurricane Christina, wreaking havoc where ever she goes. After bitching out on... (read more of this Idiotic story)

20 Jan 2011

Cat fight Christina

With a less than stellar acting career, crazy Christina decided to go on the... (read more of this story)

11 Dec 2010

XXXtina Semi Naked Pics Leaked

Desperate for attention, Christina is supposedly horrified that a "hacker" stole... (read more of this Idiotic story)

23 Oct 2010

XXXtina, the inevitable Continues

After failing to generate any serious publicity over the past couple of years... (read more of this Really Stupid story)

16 Oct 2010

Free at Last

Dirty Aguilera and her soon to be ex-victim/husband, Jordan Bratman, have... (read more of this Really Stupid story)