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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

18 December 1980, USA

"I'm an ocean because I'm really deep. If you search deep you can find rare exotic treasures."
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Village Idiot for 14 Jan 2012, Christina Aguilera

Colossal Christina

Colossal Christina couldn't care less about your gag reflex. While promoting her TV show 'The Voice', chubby Christina tried to convince herself others she wasn't a giant waste of space. Chubby Christina said "As long as I am happy in my own skin, that is all that is all the confirmation I need." going on to say "I have a boyfriend that loves my body," Your boyfriend likes your HUGE bank balance, he puts up with the ever increasing rest of you. It looks like Jessica Simpson's 'Weight Watchers' deal is in jeopardy.
Village Idiot for 22 Oct 2011, Christina Aguilera

Chubby Aguilera

The long standing feud between Kelly Osborne and Christina Aguilera took centre stage again with Kelly commenting on Christina's fashion sense on E!'s "Fashion Police." Kelly said "Trust me. I'm a [size] 2/4. That is not a 2/4," going on to say "She called me fat for years, I was never that fat." At this stage I would normally shout out "cat fight" and jump up and down at the prospect of a girl on girl slap fest but considering the opponents I don't think my crotch is really into it. This however would be the perfect excuse for mud wrestling, make them feel more at home.
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Village Idiot for 27 Aug 2011, Christina Aguilera

Christina's child care Critique

Recent photo's of Christina's kid, Max, show him with a black eye. Speculation was Christina's "erratic behaviour and alleged booze-filled outings" may have had something to do with the shiner. This idea was soon shit canned after the nanny said young Max was chasing squirrels and tripped over a rock. A likely story from the hired help. With all the money she piles into make-up supplies to make herself somewhat presentable in public, you would think she could at least try to cover it up a little. Then again, it is free publicity.
Village Idiot for 5 Mar 2011, Christina Aguilera

Christina off to the Drunk Tank

Dirty Aguilera was arrested along with her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler - Matthew for a DUI and Christina for public intoxication. Police said Christina seemed "extremely intoxicated" and was "unable to take care of herself." Sources close to Christina say they have been trying for weeks to get her in rehab. Dignity, meet jail cell. Fame and fortune, you'll have to wait outside. The scary thing, besides Christina herself, is the fact that despite her recent trail of destruction she'll still probably end up with the kid in the divorce.
Village Idiot for 12 Feb 2011, Christina Aguilera

She's taking you down with her

After a failed marriage and pathetic attempt at acting, Christina decided you needed to feel her suffering and took an axe to the American national anthem. Christina, who supposedly has been singing the national anthem since she was 7, screwed up at Super Bowl XLV repeating lines and generally making people suffer with her incessant yodelling/warbling/screeching. Christina tried to explain herself saying "I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place, I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through." She must be a masochist with that kind of loving
Village Idiot for 22 Jan 2011, Christina Aguilera

Hurricane Christina

Hurricane Christina, wreaking havoc where ever she goes. After bitching out on fellow 'Burlesque' co-star Julianne Hough, Christina decided to take it up a notch and pass out at someone's birthday party she wasn't even invited too. Christina somehow made it into Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner's house during his birthday party and passed out drunk in his bed. Well at least we won't have to worry about seeing her in any more big budget flops - not another one. Let's see... cheated on husband - check, acting d├ębut failure - check, public humiliation - check.
Village Idiot for 20 Jan 2011, Christina Aguilera

Cat fight Christina

With a less than stellar acting career, crazy Christina decided to go on the offensive and attack 'Burlesque' co-star Julianne Hough at the Soho House in West Hollywood. Christina, who didn't get along with Julianne while on set, supposedly "got in her face" according to a witness and threatened to end Julianne's burgeoning country singing career. What will her illegitimate baby think?
Village Idiot for 11 Dec 2010, Christina Aguilera

XXXtina Semi Naked Pics Leaked

Desperate for attention, Christina is supposedly horrified that a "hacker" stole candid photos from her computer and posted them on the net just after she received bad reviews for her movie "Burlesque". The pics are from her video shoot for "Not Myself Tonight" with a source saying "It's embarrassing for her when she's struggling to decide what she wants." I just threw up in my mouth a little, Ompa Lumpa porn is not for me. It's pretty clear what she wants - Publicity. If you don't have talent... get naked.
Village Idiot for 23 Oct 2010, Christina Aguilera

XXXtina, the inevitable Continues

After failing to generate any serious publicity over the past couple of years Christina's divorce proceedings have been accompanied with allegations of lesbians romps resulting in her soon to be ex-hubby Jordan pulling the plug due to jealousy. The couple supposedly had an "open" relationship which simply summed up their marriage as "I just need your seed, PS. I'll see more boobs than you will." A real man doesn't run away, he joins in. Then again a real man doesn't stick his penis in Christina Aguilera, so it's a tough call.
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Village Idiot for 16 Oct 2010, Christina Aguilera

Free at Last

Dirty Aguilera and her soon to be ex-victim/husband, Jordan Bratman, have "separated" (aka. he made a run for it) after conceiving a child and what must feel like an eternity being married. A source said "it became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife." Poor guy, now that his bones/dignity have been crushed and loins emptied she as no need for him. I guess it's back to assless chaps and off key yodeling for Christina.
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