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Dumb Blonde Jokes, Mall Mania - Page 2

Q: Why were shopping carts invented?
A: To help Blondes learn to walk upright.
Q: What is 74 to a Blonde?
A: 69 plus GST (Goods and Services Tax).
Q: Why did the Blonde return her TV set to the store?
A: She couldn't get the English Channel.
One day a Blonde walked into a cookie shop to see a small tray full of cookies. The sign said 'free sample' so she took one. The next day the Blonde was sick and could barely move. She swore revenge upon the cookie shop. She marched back to the cookie shop and burst into the cookie shop and slammed her foot. "Your cookies made me sick!" she screamed, pointing to the 'free sample' tray. "Oh, what are we going to do about that?" said the store clerk, as he bit his lip. "I want my money back!" screamed the Blonde.
One day a Blonde decides she want's to ride a horse even though she had no prior experience. So she gets on unassisted and the horse spring's into action straight away. While galloping along the Blonde start's sliding off and so in a panic she grab's the horses mane but the horse carry's on oblivious to what is happening. By now the Blonde is almost off the horse and decides her only chance is to try and leap to safety but when she tried she found her leg was caught in the stirrup and so she is dragged along with her head hitting the floor over and over and then, just minute's from unconsciousness ... the store owner came out and unplugged the horse.
One day a Blonde wanted to buy a TV, so she went to the store. When she found one she asked the store attendant how much it was. "I'm sorry we don't serve Blondes" said the store attendant. So the Blonde left and went and got her hair dyed red and went back to the store the next day, found the TV and asked how much it was. "I'm sorry, we don't serve Blondes" said the store attendant. So the Blonde leaves and gets her hair dyed black and return's the next day to the store and asks how much the TV is. "I'm sorry we don't serve Blondes" said the attendant again. Really confused by now the Blonde asked how he knew she was a Blonde. "Because your that's not a TV it's a microwave" answered the attendant.