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16 August 1958, USA

"If I was a girl again, I would like to be like my fans, I would like to be like Madonna."
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Village Idiot for 15 Dec 2007, Madonna

Kiddie Stock Pile

Madonna is apparently desperate to find a sister for her adopted son David and has sent her entourage out to make a short-list of 9 kids after her previous attempts were blocked by family members of the child she wanted to adopt. Madonna told her staff "Don't rest until you've found me my princess." I'll take one of those, two of those and... is she trying to adopt a kid or buy luggage? There's nothing like choosing an infant daughter from the comfort of your living room chair, I wonder if she gets free delivery?
Village Idiot for 25 Aug 2007, Madonna

The Halfway Mark

The queen of pop made the unusual decision to have a traveller-themed themed 49th birthday with equestrian show and gipsy band for her and 20 friends. Madonna had The Devil's Horsemen at her country estate in Wiltshire to perform an equestrian show while dressed in medieval-themed costumes in jousting shows and had the gipsy act 'The Kolpakov Trio' playing until dawn. 49? sounds more like a 9 year old's birthday party to me.
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Village Idiot for 21 Jul 2007, Madonna

Cleaning Up Her Act

Since taking part in 'Live Earth', Madonna is rethinking her "unethical" business interests by taking a more environmentally friendly approach to life. Madonna's spokesperson said "She is educating herself and her family and has begun to make changes around her that reflect her awareness and concern for the future of the planet." Just because American bills are green it doesn't mean your thinking green in the traditional sense.
Village Idiot for 28 Apr 2007, Madonna

Where's Your Daddy?

It looks like Madonna's plans to adopt another child have been put on the back burner while she deals with her other child, hubby Guy Ritchie. The two reportedly "screamed and shouted" over the phone when Guy cancelled his trip to Africa, for the fourth time, to join Madonna and her traveling Kabbalah cult. Maybe she should pick up a new husband while she's there, a two for one sale, then again she might end up the third wife of the village chief.
Village Idiot for 27 Jan 2007, Madonna

The Joys of Mother Hood

On 'The Late Show with David Letterman' Madonna opened up about her adoption of her Malawian son David. Madonna confirmed that everything was done legally saying "Everything was kosher in terms of legal." Madge also told how she calls her new son "King David" since he is "a champion tantrum thrower" Yes, we call him "King David" and the other two we refer to as "Hey!" and "You there!". Nice to know the world has another spoilt brat to look out for, there's nothing like bringing an innocent life into the world of celebrity and corrupting it.
Village Idiot for 2 Dec 2006, Madonna

Buying Babies

After the fiasco over her adoption of a one year old Malawian boy Madonna has decided to go for a second round with the world press by adopting a Malawian girl. Madonna said "I'm going to adopt another Malawian child very quickly. A baby girl this time." This time however her two biological kids, Lourdes and Rocco, will have a "choice" in who she adopts. I think I've finally figured out her plan; With all her celeb pals bailing out on the whole Kabbalah thing Madonna is going to buy small African villages and convert them one Villager at a time... after that I'm not sure.
Village Idiot for 21 Oct 2006, Madonna

Madonna and Child

After numerous denials from Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, it has been confirmed that Madonna has in fact adopted a one year old boy, David, from Malawi. Mommy money banks, as the small African village now refers to her, will have the child on an 18 months trial basis after which the situation will be re-evaluated and/or finalized. Lucky kid, it's always the poor orphan that gets the celebrity cash cow.
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Village Idiot for 1 Jul 2006, Madonna

Calling it Quits

Madonna has supposedly broken her friendship with Britney Spears after hearing that Miss Spears is no longer interested in Kabbalah. Virgin.net reports "Madonna spent months teaching Britney the Kabbalah system and splashed out thousands on the ancient scripture for her," The source also reports that Madonna wants Britney to return an ancient Kabbalah book she was given as a wedding gift. If she's disappointed, just imagine how her parents feel, now look at her.
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Village Idiot for 25 Mar 2006, Madonna

Mums the Word

Apparently Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, asked her mum if she was gay referring to her infamous kiss with Britney Spears at the '2003 MTV Video Music Awards'. Avoiding the embarrassment of admitting to the publicity stunt to save her fading career, Madonna said "... I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star. And I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her." In exchange for her energy, Britney gave Madonna an infection still unknown to man. If anyone would like to sample said energy feel free to contact K-Fed for a free sample.
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Village Idiot for 5 Nov 2005, Madonna

The Nazi Comparison

On her never ending quest to let the world know of the latest episode in her mid life crisis, Madonna has managed to stick her foot firmly in her mouth by comparing the Judaic religious group, Kabbalah, to the Nazi's. Apparently Madonna is shocked by the way people react when she tells them about her latest religious endeavour telling the press "I may as well have announced that I've joined the Nazi party." I'm sure followers of the religion itself will be even more delighted by her thoughtful comparison. Whereas most organizations are happy to have a celebrity on their side helping their image, these guys are more than likely trying to save their religion from the idiot celebrities that keep pitching up.
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