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Britney Spears

Britney Spears

2 December 1981, USA

"I trip and I burp and I fart, like everybody else."
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Village Idiot for 24 Dec 2005, Britney Spears

Britney fed up with being a Federline

It seems that the chaotic lives of Britney and Kevin may soon be parting, allowing for Kevin to impregnate yet another former singing celeb on his quest for world domination. Apparently Britney not only kicked Kevin out of their Malibu home she also had his beloved Ferrari sent back to the dealership. There also reports of apparent visits to lawyer's. Alright, hands up who didn't see this one coming? What do you get someone who has everything? I know, a handy do it yourself leech removal kit, compliments of an overpaid lawyer. Isn't it funny how you need one blood sucker to remove another?
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Village Idiot for 29 Oct 2005, Britney Spears

Britney's Banking Blunder

Britney has asked her mother to keep an eye on hubby Kevin as she is concerned about his spending habits. Apparently Kevin has embarked on a multi million dollar venture with Michael Jacksons dad to build a dance school. A multi million dollar dance school with the one responsible for Wacko Jacko himself, where do I sign up? Could it be that Britney made a mistake with 'ol Kevin?
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Village Idiot for 17 Sep 2005, Britney Spears

Britney's Bouncing Baby Boy

According to reports Britney has given birth to a baby boy which she has named Sean Preston. Apparently the other name's on the list where Charlie, London and Preston Michael. Close call, if they had stuck with Preston Michael Spears he could have ended up a bloody mess. Luckily for husband Kevin, he already has two kids with another women, so I'm sure he'll have more than enough excuses to avoid any parental responsibilities.
Village Idiot for 20 Aug 2005, Britney Spears

The Naming Game

Britney wants to name her child Charlie after watching 'Charlie and the chocolate factory', whereas hubby Kevin prefers Kevin Jr. Britney later said she would like to get a tattoo of the child's name, saying "I like the idea of the moment being captured forever". If Kevin gets his way she'll end up with Kevin Jr on her thigh, and then they're back where they started. I'm going to go with Kevin on this one and stick with a more traditional approach, maybe something like... Bubba or Billy Bob.
Village Idiot for 9 Jul 2005, Britney Spears

Britney lets it all Hang Out

Britney says she will never look sexy again because she just doesn't care. Apparently Britney has let her self go after getting married and then pregnant saying "After I got married I was one of those people who let themselves go." I suppose once your morals leave theres no point looking after the rest of yourself. It's nice to see Britney has tried blending in with the other trailer park moms in tracksuit chic. Now we can look forward to the day she tries to reclaim her fame with appearances on 'Jerry Springer'.
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Village Idiot for 11 Jun 2005, Britney Spears

Chaos Reigns on Britney's pPblicity Parade

Britney's reality show could be dropped if it doesn't attract more viewers. Apparently Britney hasn't taken the news of her fleeting popularity well and is also in trouble with her mother for revealing intimate details. "The Simple Life" looks like Emmy award winning material compared to Britney's banal attempt. By the way, the secret to using night vision when filming is nudity, Paris didn't get to where she is today by talking dirty.
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Village Idiot for 21 May 2005, Britney Spears

Britney's Pregnancy Test Sold

A Canadian radio station has sold the pregnancy test used by Britney to confirm her pregnancy. Apparently the Golden Palace Casino bought the item with proceeds from the sale going to 2 children's charities. Talk about a gamble, they just pissed away their money. I wonder what they're going to do with it? Yip, there's nothing like the smell of urine in a trophy cabinet. They know it's Britney's test because it was a "Trailer Test Deluxe" pregnancy test kit.
Village Idiot for 16 Apr 2005, Britney Spears

Britney's Reality Check

According to reports Britney and hubby Kevin Federline are set to star in their own reality TV show. The unnamed show will air on UPN and will focus on their marriage in response to tabloid reports. Wasn't Britney supposed to be on a hiatus from the celebrity spot light? Now we can look forward to yet another reality show starring already famous people, living so called "normal" lives with often hilarious situations on every episode, just like "The Newlyweds", "The Osbourne's", "The Anna Nicole Show" etc. I bet you can't wait either.
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Village Idiot for 26 Mar 2005, Britney Spears

Britney's Film Career, Take 2

Britney is preparing for her role in her second movie 'In the pink' which she will appear in with Cher, Tim Allen and Bette Midler. An insider said "Britney really wanted this part, it's a good script and she's determined to prove to her doubters that she can be funny." I have no doubt she's funny, I laughed at her acting all the way through 'Crossroads', which was followed by a deep depression for wasting an hour and a half of my life. The only movie I see Britney being any good at would be 'Showgirls 2', then again, watching paint dry would give it a run for it's money.
Village Idiot for 25 Dec 2004, Britney Spears

Britney's Toes of Torture

According to reports Britney was asked to put her shoes back on during a flight from LA to New York when other passengers complained about the smell. One passenger said: "The smell was unbelievable. One woman had a word with the air hostess, then three or four others complained. " Britney puts the stink in "Stinking Rich". I'm surprised the oxygen masks didn't drop from the overhead compartments. The thing I don't understand is why she was flying commercial, doesn't she have her own private jet?
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